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Ketolicious Fat Bombs

Coming soon! Mini-cupcakes and cheesecakes! Check back for details!

Wholesome, All-Natural Ingredients Made in Small Batches

a delicious, savory combination of ketogenic ingredients

a variety of flavors

high fat – low carb

As a Snack

Healthy snacking can be an effective way of managing what you eat. By eating small amounts of food that are high in fat, you curb your appetite.

In Place of a Meal

You’re busy. We get it. You need something to eat quickly, often eating on the go. Fat Bombs are an excellent meal replacement.

Workout Snack

Use Fat Bombs as an option for your pre-workout & post-workout recovery snacks. Healthy snacking has never been easier.  

For Dessert

Everyone deserves a dessert as a treat. Fat Bombs give you a dessert option that keeps your healthy eating on track. Perfect for you, your family & company.

About Ketolicious LLC Fat Bombs

Our fat bombs are high in fat and low in carbohydrates to help you burn more fat for fuel and stay in ketosis. With a delicious combination of ketogenic ingredients, fat bombs provide many health benefits. Fat bombs will help you burn more fat for fuel and stay in ketosis.

Fat bombs make sticking to a ketogenic diet much easier! Order yours today!