NJ-Based Ketolicious Bake Shop Opened for Online Sale of Keto Products


KetoliciousLLC.com, a NJ-based online shop is now open for business, offering a delicious assortment of keto fat bombs, low-carb, keto-friendly snacks, desserts, and meal replacements, for delivery throughout the contiguous United States.

Siobhan Papantonis, owner and baker at Ketolicious LLC, adopted a ketogenic lifestyle a couple of years ago and experienced a transformation that brought clarity and energy to her life. Inspired, Siobhan made high-fat, low-carb snacks known as Fat Bombs for herself, her family and then for her friends. Still determined to entice others to feel awesome, Siobhan successfully launched her business, Ketolicious Bake Shop, an online shop which offers an assortment of keto snacks to purchase online.

“I am truly passionate about helping people live a healthier, sugar-free, low-carb life,” Siobhan stated when explaining what inspired her to start her online business earlier this year.

“A keto diet is not just about weight loss,” Siobhan added. “It also helps to reduce inflammation in your body. My keto journey transformed me from feeling tired to being energetic and life loving. I want others to feel that same level of awesomeness.”

Siobhan is convinced others could benefit from a similar transformation, but she understands that, for many people, time is a roadblock to adopting dietary changes that could favorably impact their lives. Her solution was to offer a convenient way for people to order desserts and Fat Bombs online for delivery.

All products offered through the Ketolicious Bake Shop are keto-friendly desserts handmade in small batches in a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen. The Ketolicious Bake Shop uses only wholesome, all-natural ingredients to ensure freshness.

Because they are high in fat and low in carbohydrates, Fat Bombs help the body burn more fat for fuel and stay in ketosis. While these snacks make sticking to a ketogenic diet easier, they are a versatile addition to any healthy, sugar-free, low-carb diet and, because of the ingredients, are diabetic-friendly as well.

“As a snack, Fat Bombs are an effective, healthy way to manage what you eat and curb your appetite,” said Siobhan. “Fat Bombs also make an excellent meal replacement when you’re looking to fit a quick bite into your hectic lifestyle, and they work well as a pre- or post-workout recovery snack.”

One of the biggest hurdles to any healthy diet is giving up those things we enjoy most, like dessert. “My products provide dessert options that allow you to keep your healthy eating habits right on track,” Siobhan added.

Ketolicious customers can choose from several standard favorites or try the company’s most current seasonal selection. Those who can’t decide have the option of ordering a variety pack selected personally by Siobhan or creating their own custom assortment (in quantities of 12). All varieties are described in detail on the company’s website.

These keto snacks will keep for seven to ten days in the refrigerator and up to six months in the freezer. To order for convenient delivery to your door, visit the Ketolicious Bake Shop page and make your selection.

Download a PDF version of “NJ-Based Ketolicious Bake Shop Opened for Online Sale of Keto Products.”


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