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Meet Siobhan

making your day more awesome

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Be Awesome

That’s my motto. Just “Be Awesome.”

Adopting a ketogenic way of life in April of 2017 transformed me from a tired, middle-aged woman into an energetic, determined, life-loving woman.

When people asked me about the ketogenic diet and my success, I would tell them, “If you could just be in my skin – inside my body – and feel how awesome I feel, you would start immediately.”

It’s not only about weight loss; it’s about reducing all the inflammation in your body and becoming your true self. So, I say, “Be Awesome.”

Personal Info

I live in New Jersey with my husband, 4 children, 3 dogs and 2 horses. I started eating keto along with my close friend and trainer, Jen, in April 2017. I was drawn to the keto diet for reasons in addition to weight loss. My mom has been battling alzheimer’s and many autoimmune diseases run through my family. The keto diet claims to combat these illnesses.

My keto journey filled me with energy and enthusiasm for life. I found a clarity and energy that I have never known before. As I kept following my path, I realized that helping people live a healthy, sugar-free and low-carb life made me happy.

I started making Fat Bombs for my family and friends to enjoy. It is through this love of life and keto that I decided to share my homemade Fat Bombs and keto desserts with you. You can read more about the launch of my online bake shop by reading the Ketolicious Bake Shop press release.

If you could just be in my skin – inside my body – you would feel how awesome I feel and start a keto diet immediately.    Siobhan

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